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Overseas Moving

Pack and Move offers long distance and overseas moving solutions to and from anywhere in Canada. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of overseas moving.

Pack and Move is a subsidiary of Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc., one of Toronto’s leading international transportation specialists, established in 1976.

Through its affiliation with Viamar , Pack and Move has access to an established and proven global network of trusted agents across Canada, the U.S, and around the world.

And because of Viamar’s buying power in the international freight market, Pack and Move is able to offer wholesale freight rates to all international destinations, particularly customers shipping to the U.K, northern and continental Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

LCL (Less Container Load)

Pack and Move offers direct groupage and consolidation service to customers who have less than a container load. Unlike most competitors, Pack and Move does not use third party consolidators. Pack and Move has a bi-weekly in house direct consolidation service, and for this reason we SAVE you money.

Pack and Move International has developed its own brand of heavy duty shipping containers specifically designed for LCL shipments. ECONOCUBE containers were built with smaller, international shipments in mind. The Econocubes are perfect for long distance and overseas moves. You as the customer will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your LCL shipment is safely packed as one single unit, as it travels across the country, or Around the world.

Econocubes come in the following sizes:
7 x 4 x 7
4 x 4 x 7
4 x 4 x 4
FCL (Full Container Service)

If you are shipping your entire household, you will most likely require either a 20′ or a 40′ container. Generally speaking, if you live in a 3 bedroom house with 3 bedroom sets, a sofa set, dining table and chairs, patio furniture and a few items in your basement, you will most likely require a 20′ container.

If you are shipping your vehicle in addition, you will definitely require a 40′ container. It is always best to contact one of Pack and Move‘s moving experts to give you a free assessment of your requirements.

As a reputable Canadian Overseas and Long Distance mover, Pack and Move follows Industry Canada’s Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers.
  • The mover’s rights and responsibilities, along with mover liabilities, limitations, and associated costs, must all be clearly stated and outlined in written format.
  • Written estimates must be provided, detailing costs for all services with company letterhead and business contact information. It should also include details about the amount of boxes, size and values, cost per hour or flat rate, along with timing and payment methods. Both company and customer should sign these documents.
  • The customer who is present during loading and unloading should sign the detailed inventory list. All goods should be tagged and prepared prior to shipment for long distant moves.
  • Clean facilities and equipment should be provided.
  • Customers should be given written details regarding date of delivery, customer service particulars, terms and amount of payment owing.
  • When a damage claim or delay claim is submitted, a response must be provided within 30 days upon receiving it stipulating an offer or status update.
  • The company must abide by the terms that were outlined in the estimate and comply with all applicable laws.
  • Customers must be kept informed about any delays and information regarding service disruptions. Contact information must be made available also.
  • Attempts to resolve any disputes must be carried out in a professional, promptly and fair manner regarding any damages, errors during shipment, or any other complaints. Movers should refer to the Consumer Complaints Management: a Guide for Canadian Business, on how to determine what constitutes as a fair dispute.
  • Any external parties employed by the company must also adhere to these standards.
Packing / Wrapping

Pack & Go uses high quality materials to pack and wrap your furniture and household goods. Items are professionally wrapped in foam, plastic and bubble wrap as required. Our packing team is highly experienced and all moves are overseen by an appointed team leader. If you are shipping antiques, artwork, glass ware, the experts at Pack and Move
will take special care to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Only at Pack and Move will you find the Econocube containers, built on a wooden platform with heavy duty cardboard walls and top. Pack and Move can also build custom wooden crates in any size, to add extra protection. If you are shipping rare antiques, artwork, cabinetry, etc. we can build a crate to suit each individual requirement.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of all, when you use Pack and Move International you will only be dealing with one single point of contact to arrange your entire move, from the packing of your furniture to the loading of your container until its safe arrival at destination.


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